Keeping the Holidays Merry

Holiday family traditions can be wonderful … and wonderfully overwhelming at the same time! Here three ways to reinvent tasks to make the holidays a little brighter:


If hosting an annual brunch or dinner leaves you anxious for weeks, consider changing the format to a potluck. Or change the menu to an evening of dessert and coffee, then hit your warehouse club for bite-sized sweets and brew a pot of decaf.


If baking holiday cookies seems like torture, consider store-bought dough, or bake items that are made an entire batch at a time, such as brownies, fudge or lemon bars. You can also arrange a cookie swap with friends where you each bake a large batch of one item, then divide it up evenly so you get to enjoy several different treats without having to dirty several different bowls. Easier yet, place a visit to your local bakery (the staff can be very discreet!)


Never shop alone. Make a date with your partner or a good friend, kick it off with a light dinner or lunch, and power shop until everyone on your list is crossed off. Or, make all of your purchases online and have items shipped directly to the recipient wrapped.

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