Three Tools Every Parent Needs

Everyone needs a little organization. From keeping track of busy schedules to getting everyone where they need to be, a parent’s job is much easier when you plan ahead. Here are three tools that help a household run smoothly:


A Good Planner

From dentist visits to parent/teacher conferences to the schedule at the Y, parents have a lot of appointments to remember. A planner that has lots of room for recording information is like a second brain.


A Family Calendar

While a planner keeps you organized, it’s important to let the rest of the family in on the schedule. Transfer important dates onto a large wall calendar and post it in a central location.


A Filing System

All of the papers that come home need to be stored somewhere and that giant magnet on the refrigerator isn’t the best solution. Instead, find a good filing system, such as a pretty file box you can put on the counter or a binder that can go in a handy cabinet.

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