Five Characteristics of Casual Style

If you’d love to come home to a place that’s as warm and comfortable as a soft pair of khakis and cotton tee, you’ll love furniture that’s Casual Style. This unpretentious take on home décor starts with traditional design elements, clears away the fussy and focuses on function. Inviting and relaxed, Casual Style is a popular choice. Here are five of its signature characteristics:


Casual Style 1


1. Simple details. Carved legs and camel backs are beautiful, but Casual Style furnishings use little ornamentation. Instead, lines are clean and comfort is key. This is not the kind of room that is off limits or for show; Casual Style is 100% approachable. Furniture is meant to be used and enjoyed by everyone.


Casual Style 2


2. Warm-tone woods. Pine, oak and cherry furnishings are the hallmark of Casual Style, as they age well and blend with the palette of a Casual Style home. Distressed pieces are also found as they give a sense of history. Choose wooden accent tables for your living room, a farmhouse-style table for your kitchen, and bench seating for the dining room.


Casual Style 3


3. American inspirations. Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger are American icons of casual clothing, and the fabrics they choose can serve as inspiration for your home décor. From cotton to leather, the upholstery in Casual Style is livable and durable. Patterns include stripes, plaids and checks. And colors are crisp, neutral and rich.


Casual Style 4


4. Functional accessories. The accessories in a Casual Style room are not just beautiful, they serve a purpose. From throw pillows and blankets, to baskets, trays and books, the accent pieces look nice and are ready to be used when needed.


Casual Style 5


5. No hard rules. The great thing about Casual Style is that there aren’t strict rules – the only prerequisite it that everything is comfortable. That means arms on chairs can be rolled or track. Leather upholstery is as important as fabric. And the color palette has no limits. The only thing that matters is that the space suits your lifestyle – whether that’s the single life or a bustling family on the go.

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