How To Make Volunteering a Family Affair

According to research, people who volunteer tend to have higher self-esteem, psychological wellbeing and happiness – and that includes children. In fact, kids who volunteer with their families are more likely to volunteer as an adult.


If you’d like to give back more this year, here are five family-friendly opportunities in your own back yard:

  1. Do a kitchen table activity, such as making artwork, then send it to Color A Smile where it is distributed to nursing homes. Or make cards to deliver to your local children’s or veteran’s hospitals.
  2. Make fleece blankets that can be distributed to children in need by Project Linus.
  3. Bake dog biscuits for animal shelters. Shelters also need foster families for animals awaiting adoption.
  4. Organize a toy drive or baby item drive for shelters for women.
  5. Visit nursing homes and have lunch or read a book with a senior. Many have an adopt-a-grandparent program.

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