New Year, New You: Be a Better Host with A Sleeper Sofa

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Just because you don’t have a dedicated guest room doesn’t mean you can’t invite friends and family for an extended stay. Today’s sleeper sofas have come a long way – and they no longer require a follow-up trip to the chiropractor!


With comfortable mattresses, a variety of sizes, and stylish designs, you’ll be proud to welcome overnight visitors. Here’s how to create a comfortable bedroom in any room of your home:


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Today’s sleeper sofas are as stylish as they are comfortable. In fact, no one needs to know your living room sofa pulls out into a bed. From contemporary to casual to traditional and rustic, you’ll find an option to fit your home décor. If your room is small, you may wish to choose a model with fewer cushions and pillows; you will need to store them when the sofa is being used as a bed and you don’t want to overwhelm your room.



Then determine how much space you have. When the sleeper is in the “open” position, it will require clearance of about seven and a half feet. You’ll also want space around the sides so your guest can easily get in and out of bed.


Another consideration is the number of guests you might host at one time. Sleeper sofas come in sizes that range from single to full to queen. Loveseat or chair sleepers will accommodate a single guest with a twin-size mattress. Sofa and sectional sleepers can hold two, with full- and queen-size mattresses hidden inside.



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Once you know the style and size that’s best for your room, choose one of three mattresses: innerspring, air and memory foam. The majority of sleeper sofas have innerspring mattresses, which give the body support. An air mattress sleeper sofa combines innerspring mattresses with an easily inflatable air mattress for an extra thick comfortable night’s rest. And memory foam mattresses, available through special order, are like memory foam beds; they’re a great choice if you plan to use a sleeper on a regular basis.


Other Furnishings

With the sleeper sofa in place it’s time to consider other elements in the room that will help create a bedroom-like atmosphere. End tables will need to serve as nightstands, so choose a style that offers enough space to rest items like a phone, pair of glasses and a water glass. Make sure you have a table or floor lamp nearby, for reading or navigating the room. And make sure outlets are convenient so your guests can charge their gadgets. You might also add a chest in the room that gives guests a place to store their things.



Finally, consider the room’s location in your home. If your sleeper sofa is in a central area, provide a sense of privacy by including a temporary “wall,” such as a screen, that can be tucked away during the daytime and pulled out when it’s time to sleep. Taking time to think about the needs of your guests will go along way in your quest to be a good host.

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