New Year, New You: Surprising Health Benefits of a Massage Chair

A good massage will melt away tension and relieve aches and pains, but booking an appointment it isn’t always convenient. Instead of heading out into the cold weather, why not get those same benefits by heading into your living room. That’s because owning one of today’s massage chair is like a having private “masseuse” waiting for you whenever you need it.


massage chair 1 massage chair 2


If you haven’t sat in a massage chair lately, you haven’t sat in a massage chair! Introduced to consumers in the late ‘80s, original versions provided some relief but they weren’t built to replace a therapist. In the 25 years that have followed, the technology and design has improved, and today’s versions are some of the most effective models for relieving stress, tension and back pain, as well as providing surprising health benefits.


At Art Van Furniture, we carry models from Human Touch, the leading supplier of massage chairs. Here are seven health benefits they provide as you relax in the comfortable seat:


massage chair 31. Increased circulation. Constricted and tense muscles can restrict your blood flow, but massage relaxes muscles, allowing blood to flow to the tissues and organs. A massage chair can improve your circulation by helping your body pump more oxygen and nutrients to tissues and vital organs.


2. Improved defense against toxins. The lymph system is your body’s natural defense against toxic invaders, enabling you to more efficiently remove lactic acid and other potentially damaging waste products. Massage improves lymphatic flow by manipulating your muscles and increasing lymphatic circulation.


3. Better mood. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers – the ‘feel good’ chemicals that run through your body – easing sore and tired muscles, reducing anxiety and improving overall mood. Massage therapy increases your endorphin levels and is one of the most beneficial aspects of massage.


4. Enhanced flexibility. Massage chairs use several kinds of strokes that relieve pain. This relaxes and softens injured and overused muscles, improving your joint flexibility and reducing spasms and cramping.


5. Sharper mental function. Massage promotes deeper, more restorative sleep by helping to alleviate the stress that can cause you insomnia or restlessness. Better sleep means sharper performance at work.


6. Healthier heart. By lowering your stress, massage reduces the levels of Cortisol in the bloodstream, which helps control blood pressure – one of the leading contributors to stroke, heart attack, heart failure or kidney failure.


7. Less aches and pains. Massage relieves chronic ailments, including lower back pain, arthritis, bursitis and fibromyalgia. By helping to align the spine, massage reduces pressure on your nerves.

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