Three Tricks to Stick to a Workout

You feel great after a workout, but getting yourself to the gym, the jogging trail or in front of the exercise video takes motivation – motivation you don’t always have. How do you stick to a good workout routine? The people at WebMD offer these three tips:


1. Start small. Telling yourself that you’ll go the gym every morning might feel overwhelming and put you at risk for quitting. Instead, aim for something easier to achieve, such as going twice or three times a week.


2. Find a buddy. A workout partner will hold you accountable to your goals and make it more fun to exercise. Studies show you’ll also work out longer when you have a friend along.


3. Mix it up. Running on a treadmill every day can get boring. Instead, switch things up and use an elliptical one day a week, free weights another or take a different route on your walk. These little changes can keep things interesting.


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