Three Tricks to Stick to Your Diet

According to the U.S. Government, losing weight is the top New Year’s Resolution. It’s also a hard one to keep. Food temptations seem to lurk around every corner when you’re on a diet, and that’s why most of us get derailed before the calendar turns to February. In a recent issue, U.S. News and World Report offered three tricks for sticking to your diet:


1. Get out some crayons. Instead of reaching for a cookie after a bad day, dietitians suggest coloring. The relaxing activity keeps your hands busy, and positive distractions can be a solution to mindless snacking


2. Brush your teeth. A fresh, minty mouth can be a great deterrent to snacking. It can also help to re-brush after dinner to avoid eating seconds. If you can’t brush your teeth, nibble on something packed with flavor, such as an Atomic FireBall candy, which will help calm your appetite.


3. Plan out your meals and snacks. It will be easier to stick to a diet when you plan, shop and prepare your meals ahead of time. If you mindlessly stare into a pantry, chances are you’ll pick the quickest thing, and prepared, packaged foods are often loaded with sugar and fat.


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