Start Dreaming of Summer

Winter’s in its homestretch, and before you know it the temperatures will start to rise. This year make a summertime resolution to turn your backyard, patio or porch into a relaxation hot spot. Whether you prefer a quiet retreat or a rocking party, the time to start planning is now — you’ll get first chance at all of the great new furnishings!


Start by thinking about your favorite memories of Summer 2014. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? If you were at home, is there anything about the day that could have made it better? If you were at a friend’s, recall the details and the setting – how did they make the day perfect?


Now start dreaming up all of the scenarios you wish to create for Summer 2015. Here are three steal-worthy ideas and the furnishings you’ll need to bring them to life.


outdoor seating


Enjoying a tall glass of ice tea in the shade. Sounds refreshing! Outdoor furniture is just as important as the pieces you have inside, and with a wide range of options and styles, you’ll easily create a room to enjoy al fresco. Look for deep cushioned seating that offers comfort and style. Throw pillows can dress up the look. Then add a cocktail table where you can rest your glass. An afternoon siesta is in your future!


outdoor dining


Entertaining friends with a Saturday afternoon BBQ. Fire up the grill! Urban Living is a hot trend in home décor, and this edgy look has moved outdoors. A rectangular table with bench seating means everyone has a spot. And aluminum construction in a realistic plank wood finish means you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Crank up the tunes and set up backyard croquet.


outdoor fire


Watching the stars while roasting marshmallows. That’s a hot idea! An outdoor fire adds charm to your backyard and sets the stage for evening gatherings and romantic nights. From gas-lit firepits with convenient table tops and matching chairs to wood-burning works of art numbered by the artist (like this one), you’ll light up the night.

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