Statement Lighting

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When it comes to the latest trends in home décor, things are looking up. Chandeliers are becoming a favorite focal point, drawing draw the eye upwards and creating a relationship between the ceiling and the room.


While chandeliers light up a room, their designs can also be quite brilliant. The new look in lighting is fixtures that make a statement, providing a wow factor that captivates. Highly functional, these chandeliers are highly decorative. The extravagant lights create a powerful impact in a room.



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Instead of the typical candle base light bulbs, today’s chandelier designs cap the bulbs with pendant lampshades for a more decorative effect. If you want to be on trend, forego opaque or colored glass and select clear shades.


statement light2


You’ll also see lots of rich metals, including copper and oil-rubbed bronze, which provide a rustic feeling of depth. Shiny metals are also in vogue, with chrome and brass options that add sparkle to the light.


chandelier bedroom


And chandeliers are moving out of the dining room or foyer. Add their oomph throughout your home. Use one in the master bedroom, the bathroom and the living room to marry your furniture with a dramatic sense of light.

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