Three Design Rules to Break

If you don’t consider yourself an expert in home décor, rules can provide helpful guidelines. However, there are a few rules that have persisted throughout the years that are meant to be broken. Here are three that you shouldn’t follow:


1. Don’t paint a small room a dark color. While it might seem that a small room would feel smaller if painted a dark color, it’s not always true. Many dark colors bring warmth and interest to a room, making it feel more inviting and cozy.


2. Don’t mix metals. While “silver and gold” make nice holiday song lyrics, the thought of actually mixing the two colors in a single room used to be a no-no. Today, however, mixing metals with similar patinas creates a rich look. For example, antique silver and muted gold look great together.


3. Colors in a room need to be complementary or analogous. The truth is that you can forget the color wheel. Think of all of the colors in nature: they blend effortlessly. An organic color scheme with shades that bring you joy is the best palette of all.

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