Three Places to Find Inspiration for Your Home Décor

It can be difficult to define your personal style – it’s often an “I’ll know it when I see it” feeling. But if you’re looking for some clues to finding furnishings that will make you happy, here are three places to look:


1. Your closet. Your wardrobe will let you know if you prefer casual, contemporary, rustic, traditional or urban. People who love casual style, for example, often have a closet filled with jeans, crew neck sweaters and TOMS shoes. If those jeans are distressed and you pair them with a leather jacket, you’d probably love urban.


2. Your favorite TV show. We’re often interested in the lives of those we’d love to emulate. If you’re a big Mad Men fan, for example, you’d probably love Mid-Century Modern style. If you never miss an episode of Downton Abbey it might mean you aspire to live in an elegant and traditional style home.


3. Your collections. If you seem drawn to a certain item, consider the style behind it. Shell collectors might consider cottage-chic casual décor, for example. If you collect old albums, you might like urban style.


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