How to Find the Perfect Media Center

Whether it’s movie night, the Sunday game or marathon Netflix streaming of the latest drama, televisions bring families and friends together for entertainment. With cable and satellite boxes, DVD players, surround sound and gaming systems, it’s easy to have a sea of wires cluttering up your room. Why not contain your electronics inside a beautiful media center that will keep everything organized and clean?


Start your search at home by measuring your wall and floor space so you know what size media center will offer the best view and accommodations for your television. Then decide which of these four options is best for you:


Media Center Wall Unit


Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers, sometimes called wall units, include a console on the bottom, towers on either side of the TV, and a bridge that connects everything across the top. Offering the most storage, entertainment centers have the ability to hold your electronics, games, DVDs and CDs, as well as decorative accessories. The largest type of media center, wall units can be as tall as 72 inches, with the width varying per unit. If you have a small room, this isn’t the best choice for you, as their size will dominate the space. Entertainment centers are available in a variety of styles to match any décor.


Media Center Console 1 Media Center Console 2



Consoles, also called TV stands, are a simple, versatile option for your media components as they work well in most size rooms. This piece of furniture resembles a chest or sideboard, and often includes drawers, shelves or cabinets for electronics as well as DVDs, CDs and games. Because they don’t have sides that would constrict the width, TV stands can hold most sizes of TVs. Options are available in a wide variety of heights, depths and widths, so you can easily find the one that’s right for your home. While consoles hold the TV on its top surface, you can also choose to mount your flat screen to the wall, freeing up space for decorative accessories. Corner consoles are also available if your room layout determines you need to place the TV in a corner.


 Media Center Fireplace


Media Fireplaces

Since the television and fireplace can compete as the focal point in a room, media fireplaces combine both attention grabbers into one unit. Similar to a console, this piece includes an electric fireplace below that adds warmth and a flat surface on top for the TV. Media fireplaces are a great option for a family room, bedroom or basement rec room because of the ambiance they add.


Media Center Console Combo


Console Combinations

If you want to hide your flat screen TV when you’re not watching it, a dresser/console combination will let you mount the television to a panel in the back and cover it with a sliding mirror whenever you wish. This option is perfect for a bedroom where you strive for a serene mood … but sometimes you just want to watch Scandal!

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