How to Choose The Right Desk for Your Work Style


When it’s time to get to work, a desk is your partner in productivity. It’s command central for handling tasks and organizing materials, but did you know choosing the right one can help you be more efficient? Start by identifying the type of work you do most.


Computer Desk


Computer Work

If you need a desk that can hold your PC or laptop, you’ll want to look for one that is designed specifically for computer use. Look for built-in wiring holes that allow you to safely and aesthetically organize cords.


Do you need a CPU compartment? Look for a desk that has one built in or enough space beneath the desk to easily accommodate it.


And make sure the desk has a keypad drawer that will provide proper ergonomics, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Your keyboard needs to be placed at a comfortable height, and putting it on top of a traditional desk may be too high.


Paperwork Desk



If you do mostly paperwork, you’ll want a desk that offers a lot of surface area, so you can review and organize spreadsheets and papers. Make sure the desk has filing drawers that easily store papers you need to access frequently. And consider adding a credenza or hutch, to maximize your work area.


L-Shaped Desk



If clients or associates visit your office, consider an L-shaped desk that will provide a clear area for meetings as well as a second surface for holding paperwork or your computer. An L-shaped desk is also good for people who do a combination of computer and paperwork as it provides two surfaces for multitasking.


Neat Desk


The next thing to consider when choosing your desk is your work style and habits. If you’re creative – a.k.a. messy – make sure you have a lot of surface room for spreading out. Someone who is highly organized and has digital files instead of physical could make do with a sleek writing desk.


Small Scale Desk


Finally, choose a desk that fits the scale of your room. You need at least three-and-a half feet of space behind the desk to accommodate your chair and three feet in front of the desk if you need a guest chair. Measure your room so you can choose the right one.

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