Designing a Cool Kid’s Room

Your child’s bedroom is the most magical room in your home. More than just a place for sleeping and studying, it’s where wakeful dreams spark, grow and flourish. It’s where curious minds seek answers to burning questions. It’s where BFFs share LOLs and OMGs.


How do you design a space that sets the stage for a lifetime of memories? When it comes to designing a child’s room there are no rules and creativity should be at its highest. Here are five easy steps for creating a nurturing – and totally cool! – sanctuary for your child:


Kids Bedroom Theme


Consider a Theme

Kids and teens change their minds … a lot. So, the thought of committing to a distinct décor can be a little daunting. The easiest way to decorate your child’s room is to go with what they know. Consider their interests such as sports, storybook characters or hobbies, or think about themes like Americana, travel or transportation as inspiration for accents and artwork, which are easily changed out when they change their mind.


Kids Bedroom Color


Think About the Walls

Once you’ve chosen your décor, it’s time to select a color. When kids pick out paint, parents worry about resale value, but remember – it’s just paint! And it’s one of the easiest and most inexpensive elements of a room to change. Since color can affect your child’s mood, give thought to the tones you consider. Pink and blue – no-brainers for kids’ rooms – are both calming and soothing when chosen in their muted shades. Green is both relaxing and rejuvenating. Red is energizing … maybe not the best choice come bedtime. And yellow is cheerful. Consider painting walls a neutral shade and introducing bolder color through accents and accessories. Or layer wall color by painting stripes or using wallpaper, which has become a popular wall-covering again.


Kids Bedroom Basic Pieces


Choose the Basic Pieces

You have your theme and your color, now you need the basic furnishings: a bed, nightstand, dresser and desk. If your child likes to host sleepovers or shares a room with a sibling, consider a bunk bed, loft or trundle. You can select furnishings in classic colors such as ivory, cinnamon, honey or espresso that can be easily updated by changing the accessories. Or expand your box of crayons with furniture in delightfully upbeat shades of Cherry Red, Sky Blue, Apple Green, Bubblegum Pink, and Soft Lavender. If committing to a whole roomful of color worries you, start by picking one or two pieces like a nightstand. Furniture doesn’t have to match.


Kids Bedroom Extras


Add In the Extras

Now it’s time for fun. Loveseats, chaises, and club chairs are a great way to inject a grown-up look into a bedroom, while adding practical seating options. For girls, look for bright colors and fun patterns like animal prints. For boys, stick to basic colors, like blues and greens, and more masculine patterns such as stripes or plaids. Also consider a rug, which is more forgiving than carpet when it comes to the inevitable spills. And personalize the room even further with wall art. Think beyond the framed print; create an abstract mosaic from the boxes of preschool art you have in the attic; hang colorful skateboard decks or boogie boards; or – if you’re brave – enlist your child and his or her friends and paint a mural.


Kids Bedroom Storage


And Don’t Forget About Storage

If you’ve ever had to remind your child to clean his or her room, it might be time for more storage. Whether you live in a cozy condo or a sprawling ranch, make the most of your space by choosing furnishings that include storage solutions, such as a bookshelf in the headboard or drawers built into the base of the bed. Benches and ottomans often have hidden storage and can double as extra seating. And many desks have an optional hutch that will hold books and display trophies – the ones that seem to multiply at night.


Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the process. Kids soon become teens, and teens soon become adults … but we can all remember the look and feel of our childhood bedroom.


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