Adding Storage To Your Kitchen


When it comes to needing storage, the most important room in the house is the kitchen. From cookware to tableware, food and cleaning supplies, kitchens need to hold a lot of stuff. In fact, real estate pros say big kitchens often sell houses.


If your kitchen is challenged when it comes to space, it’s possible to add storage through furniture choices and organizing tools. Here are a baker’s dozen’s worth of places to look and tools to consider:


Storage Table

1. A storage table. Choose a dining table with built-in storage. You can find tables with drawers or doors in the base, or free up room by selecting a table with leaves that are self-contained.


Storage Bench


2. Storage bench. Benches are a popular option to chairs. Why not select a bench with a seat that lifts to reveal storage?




3. A sideboard or buffet. If you have wall space, consider using a sideboard in your kitchen. While they are popular in a dining room, they can be even more handy in the kitchen.


Tray Storage


4. Containers you can display. Instead of keeping fruit or veggies in the refrigerator, use beautiful baskets, trays or bowls to turn it into a gorgeous display.


Rolling Cart


5. A rolling cart. Get extra counter space and a place for glasses or food by using a rolling cart. It can be brought out when needed, and tucked away when it’s not.


Source: Container Store
Source: Container Store


6. Cabinet organizers. Maximize cabinet space with organizers that add tiers or create extra shelving. You’ll be able to store more dishes or food items if you take advantage of every square inch.


Source: Jenna Berger
Source: Jenna Berger


7. Cabinet doors. Create storage on the inside of cabinet door by installing organizers or magnetic boards. This area is often wasted space.


Source: Pinterest/InspiredbyCharm
Source: Pinterest/InspiredbyCharm


8. Peg boards. Not just for a hobby or work room, peg boards can become part of your décor if you paint one and use it to hang your pretty pots, pans and colanders.


Open Shelving


9. Open shelving. If you have wall space and not enough cabinets, consider the latest trend of open shelving. This is a great way to show off your pretty plates and glasses.


Source:  Bed Bath and Beyond
Source: Bed Bath and Beyond


10. Pot rack. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling with a pot rack. Some models have a chandelier built in, so they do double duty.




11. Ceiling. Install a shelf about a foot down from the ceiling. This area often goes unused, and while you probably wouldn’t want to put everyday items there, it can be a great way to display serving pieces or cookbooks.


Basket Storage


12. Vertical units. If you have a tight space, consider using vertical storage pieces. It’s a great way to take advantage of space.


Source: Pinterest/
Source: Pinterest/


13. Utensils. Free up drawer space by putting cooking utensils such as wooden spoons and spatulas inside pretty ceramic containers.

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