How to Protect Your Wood Furniture And Keep It Looking Like New
















The dining room gets a workout during the holidays. In fact, next to the kitchen, it’s where everyone gathers most to celebrate and ring in the season. With all this action, wood surfaces like your table and chairs can get spills and scuffs. It’s easy to maintain and protect them with a few simple steps.



Wood surfaces that are used as eating areas should be wiped with a slightly damp (not wet) lint-free cloth. Dry immediately and thoroughly. Always avoid leaving water or any liquids on wood surfaces. Wipe up spills, moisture and standing liquids or substances immediately.



Once a week, dust the furniture with a clean lint-free cloth dampened with a dusting solution, such as Art Van Furniture Cleaner. Dust in the direction of the grain. Years of doing this help hold onto distinctive patterns in the wood. A weekly dust will help remove the layer of airborne deposits that build up over time and can scratch the surface of your furniture.



Clean your table each month with a product formulated specifically to preserve the finish of wood, such as Art Van All Natural Wood Cleaner. Do not let the cleaner soak into the wood surface; immediately follow the cleaning with our wood polish to give the wood a vivid finish. Apply a small amount of the polish to a clean, lint-free cloth, and rub with the grain of the wood, one square foot at a time. Wipe dry until the cloudiness or oiliness disappears. Note that using the same surface cloth will yield a sharp, reflective shine, while using a dry cloth will give the surface a softer sheen. Let the wood dry for at least 30 minutes before placing objects on it.



Twice a year, just prior to and after using your furnace for the season, apply a generous amount of polish or oil and let sit for up to 12 hours before wiping dry. This will nourish the wood and promote moisture retention. The twice-yearly treatment should also be used if you change residences, especially if you move to a different climate.


You should also polish the hardware to keep it shiny and bright. Remove knobs and pulls from the furniture piece. Clean with a metal or brass cleaner and buff. Reattach when completely dry.

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