The Art of Organizing Your Closet

Your closet is like your launching pad for the day. If yours is organized, you’ll get out the door on time and in style, but if your closet is overflowing with clothing, shoes and accessories, it can slow you down and stress you out.

So how do you create a system that works? Here are five easy steps for organizing your clothing:


  1. Take everything out of your closet. You’ll probably be amazed at how many items you’re storing. Marie Kondo, author of the best-selling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, suggests that you sort by category, such as all of your shirts or all of your dresses.


  1. Give your closet a good cleaning. Vacuum or sweep the floor, and wipe down all of your racks and shelves. Dust collects everywhere and you will want a nice clean closet in which to start your day. You may even consider painting the walls.


  1. Now go through everything. Marie Kondo suggests asking yourself if the item sparks joy when deciding to keep it. You can also ask yourself how often you wear the item? If the item fits? If you have similar pieces that can be streamlined?


  1. Create six piles. “Keep,” for items you want; “toss,” for items that are no longer useful; “donate,” for items that still have some life in them and can be dropped off at a shelter or charitable organization; “sell,” for high-value items you want to take to a consignment store, post online or put in a garage sale; “relocate,” for items that don’t belong in your clothing closet such as toys or linens; and “repair,” for items that need mending or stain removal.


  1. Put everything back. Group like items together, hanging things from short to tall and from light to dark. If you have wall space, it can help to hang accessories, such as belts, scarves and necklaces nearby so you can find the right embellishment for your outfit.


Once your closet is clean and organized, maintain it. When you streamline your items, putting them away will effortless and rewarding.


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