Five Places to Hang a Pendant Light

Like the perfect necklace, pendant lights dress up a room and inject style and character. Not getting by on their good looks alone, pendant lights also provide task or mood lighting to a room. You can easily find a style that fits your home décor.

Here are five places to hang a pendant light:

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1. The Dining Room. Pendant lights can be grouped together and used in place of a chandelier. Odd numbers – such as one, three or five – work best when you’re looking for balance. The number you choose will depend on the size of your table. A round table, for example, will look fine with a single pendant, while a larger rectangular table might need three or five. Hang the pendants 30 to 36 inches above the table.


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2. The Kitchen. Pedants look great when hung over a bar or island. Not only do they provide good task lighting, they enhance the décor. Hang your pendants about 30 inches above the counter surface. Just like in the dining room, you’ll want to choose an odd number for balance.

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3. The Home Office. Instead of a desk lamp, consider hanging a pendant lamp to be used for task lighting. You’ll want to hang it about 16 inches from the work surface so you get the most amount of light.

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4. The Foyer. The foyer sets the tone for your entire house when you welcome visitors. Give it some personality by choosing a pendant light. If you have high ceilings, pendants add drama. You’ll want to be conscious of the height because you don’t want guests to hit their head. Be sure to hang it seven feet or more from the floor.

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5. The Bathroom. Pendants provide good task lighting in a bathroom, and they also add some style. Pendants are a good choice because they cast a flattering light by eliminating shadows beneath your chin and cheeks. Hang it about 18 inches above the center of your sink.

Do you have pendant lights in your home? Tell us where!

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