White Hot White

White never really goes out of style – the crisp color is a classic – but designing an all-white room is a white-hot trend for 2016. Washing a space in its lightness creates a feeling that is clean and pure; in fact, white kitchens and bathrooms have been on-trend forever (think white subway tile and marble). Having an all-white living space, however, shows that you’re confident and sophisticated. But there are a few tricks you need to employ to make the room look rich, not sterile – complete and not like a blank canvas:

White Bedroom
Source: Pinterest / Artsnclassy



Start with the right shade of white. A trip to the paint store will prove to you that there is more than one shade of white, and you’re going to want to pick the right one. Some have hints of gray, others of pink, and some of yellow, blue, green or purple. Take your cue from your flooring and pick a paint that complements its undertones. Then choose high-gloss white for the trim, so it feels crisp and stands out.

White Sofa

Then go for white upholstery. The thought of a white sofa can be intimidating, especially if you have children, but you don’t need to be afraid. In a more formal space that doesn’t get used daily a white sofa should provide few worries; for spaces that get more traffic, choose white leather or white slipcovers that are easy to maintain. You’ll be surprised at how well it holds up.


Layer tone-on-tone whites. Add depth to your room by layering tones and textures. White toss pillows in faux fur will add interest. Furnishings in a different shade of white, such as gray-white or green-white, will add just enough contrast. And different textures, such as the combination of a white leather sofa and a white shag rug, create richness in the room.



White and Gold TableWhite and Silver Console Table


Use metal as your accent color. White pairs well with any metallic, and the combination is quite glamorous. White and gold ooze richness, while white and nickel feels cool and sophisticated. Or combine white and copper for warmth.


Or choose wood accents. All white furnishings paired with a rich wood table give your room an urban vibe. Choose wooden pieces that have a natural feel, such as a table with an organic edge. Stark white makes the grain of the wood feel alive and exciting.


Artwork for White Room



Then let your artwork take center stage. When you go all in with white, you can add some drama by choosing a single piece of art in a bold color. This could be a painting, sculpture or even a dramatic centerpiece. The attention will go directly to the artwork, creating an instant focal point.


Are you brave enough to go all white? Tell us what you think of this white-hot trend!

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