Five Trends In Outdoor Furniture for 2016

Who’s ready for spring? It’s pretty safe to say we all are. The temperatures are climbing, and it’s time to start planning your outdoor gathering spaces. Furniture|Today magazine has identified five key trends for 2016, and we’ve got the look.

Metropolis Clean Lines

Contemporary style with clean lines and sleek design is growing in popularity for 2016. The pieces have metallic finishes, and are designed to look like extensions of your interior spaces.

Heritage 5PC

Fired Up

Firepits continue to be a popular feature in outdoor living. They are an instant focal point, and extend your enjoyment by creating an inviting atmosphere and taking the chill out of a spring evening.

Soho II

Conversation Seating Areas

Modular seating is also popular for 2016. It provides a comfortable place to sit and chat with friends and family, and can be assembled to create the best configuration for you. Designed to look like their indoor counterparts, these pieces come in curves and angles, as well as in large and small sizes.

Pratt Seating Collection

Pops of Color

Neutral tones are always in style, but the trend for 2016 includes bold colors and designer patterns. Orange, blue, fuchsia and yellow are popular choices, and they allow homeowners to make a statement and a splash outside.

Mixed Materials

Mixed Materials

Mixing materials, such as wood, wicker and metal, helps create a custom look outdoors, and this trend is growing for 2016. The contrast gives the space an urban, organic feel.

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