Five Ways to Reuse Your Easter Baskets

When the jellybeans, chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps are delicious memories, don’t put away the Easter basket quite yet. Baskets are great tools for organizing and tidying your home for Spring. In fact, you can use one in every room of your home.

Here are five ideas to get you started:

basket kitchen

1.  The Kitchen. Organize the spices and cooking utensils you use every day by putting them in a basket. Display it on your counter near your stove for easy access. You can also include a small potted rosemary plant to add color and life.

baskets Twin bank bed white

2.  Your Kids’ Bedroom. Sleepovers are a cinch when you store extra pillows and blankets in an oversized basket. Use a smaller basket for toys, books and games, and another in a drawer or closet to organize socks, belts and accessories.

easter basket plant

3.  The Front Porch. Extend your landscape onto your front porch by placing a potted plant in a basket. Whether you choose cheerful flowers, a sophisticated fern or cascading ivy, you’ll add energy and life to your front door.

Emery Bookcase

4.  The Family Room. Organize DVDs and remotes by placing them inside baskets. The storage solution will dress up your media center or bookshelves, while keeping things neat, tidy and easy to find.

Home Office Basket

5.  Home Office. Corral your printer cartridges, sticky notes and extra pens in a basket in your home office. You can also use a basket to hold decorative file folders. Then place the baskets on your desk top or to dress up a bookshelf.



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