The Return of Pastels

When global color expert Pantone chose two hues for its 2016 Color of the Year – Rose Quartz and Serenity – it cemented the return of pastels in home décor. These light shades, create an ethereal feeling and soothing atmosphere – the perfect mood for a living room or bedroom.


Using pastels, however, takes a deliberate approach; you want your room to look grown up and not like a nursery. Here are five tips for decorating with soft colors:

Tivoli Collection


1.  Accessorize in pastels. One of the easiest ways to introduce pastels into your room is through accessories. Use pastel toss pillows on your sofa to update its look. Use a pink lamp shades to give your room a soft glow. Or simply add a bouquet of flowers in a robin’s egg blue ceramic vase.


2.  Choose sophisticated lines. Take away the youthfulness of the color by choosing furnishings that have sleek contemporary lines or traditional shapes. The piece will exude style with an understated feel.




3.  Stick with one. Instead of an explosion of pastels, pick your favorite and use it in a bold way. Choose a light blue or rose-colored sofa, a pistachio nightstand, or a buttery yellow rug. Then ground the rest of your room by using neutrals or dark colors, like chocolate or black. Your single pastel piece will assume a starring role.


4.  Use it on the walls. Forego basic beige and choose a soft pastel for your walls. Pick a spa-inspired green or soft lavender, which will look stunning next to crisp white trim. Or paint your ceiling in sky blue.


Adore Youth

5.  Create a mature palette. Instead of bubble gum pastels, choose chalky soft shades and then add a subtle grey. Sky blue, soft aqua and dovetail grey create a refined, sophisticated palette for your room.

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