We’ve Got the Look: Justin Bieber’s California Contemporary


Whether you love his boyish charm or are tired of his immature antics, pop star Justin Bieber has collected a lot of fans and a lot of success. He recently purchased a $10.8 million, 9,400-square-foot home in the Hollywood Hills that has incredible lake views. The centerpiece of the five-bedroom modern home is its large living room that features glass walls that fully retract to let the outdoors in. With soaring ceilings, an oversized fireplace and full-sized palm trees, it’s spectacular and stunning.

While we can’t help you recreate the home, if you like Bieber’s style, we’ve got the rest of the look.

Justin Bieber Sectional

Bieber’s oversized living room is filled with an expansive sectional that features a chaise and lots of seating. If your room is smaller, you’ll love our Niles Two-Piece Sectional, which offers the same contemporary look. In ivory-colored 100% genuine leather, this sleek and modern piece has straight lines, box welted cushions and classic tufting. The exposed wooden base provides a little bit of contrast.

Bieber Bench

Bieber’s sectional has a backless side that provides versatile seating for either of the room’s conversation groupings. Our Storage Bench would be a great addition, plus it offers a place to stash items, such as an extra blanket or pillow.

Bieber Cocktail Table

Instead of a traditional cocktail table, Bieber’s room has an organic surface that looks like it’s made from a tree trunk. Our Rootball End Tables would provide a similar rustic look. Imagine a pair placed side by side for a functional and fashionable cocktail solution.

Bieber Side Table

Bieber’s room has a collection of unique tables, and one placed to the side of the sectional provides guests with a place to set down a beverage. Our Texas Horn Table would make a great addition, providing an unexpected pairing to the modern sectional. The horn-shaped legs look remarkably like the real, holding up a contemporary stainless steel top.

Bieber Chair

Bieber’s room has a pair of contemporary white chairs to add more seating for a party. Our Tonio Swivel Chair from ROMA isn’t a perfect match, but it has the same modern vibe. Upholstered in ice-white-colored 100% genuine leather and supported by a chrome base, the chairs feature slim lines and sleek styling.

Bieber Side Table 2

Bieber’s room also has a chrome-based glass end table near the chairs. Our Mercer Collection End Table mirrors that bold statement, and even improves upon it with its arched base. The innovative style is definitely a showpiece.

Bieber Rug

Anchoring Bieber’s living room is a plush rug with an abstract print in ivory, taupe and tan. The design gives the room a rich feeling of texture. Our hand-knotted Avant Garde Area Rug would be a great choice. Its cutting-edge design is ultra modern and the quality craftsmanship makes this piece a great investment.

Bieber Elephant

Finally, Bieber’s room has a pair of wooden rhinos as a fun accent to his nature-inspired setting. A pair of our Elephant Stools would be a great addition, too, finishing the room’s feeling of being one with the great outdoors.

So, when it comes to Bieber’s style, are you a belieber?

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