Oh, Baby! Art Van Has What You Need For Your Nursery

Introducing our new arrival: Art Van Baby! Now you can design your nursery with the same style and value that has made Art Van Furniture a family favorite for more than half a century.

Shopping for a crib is exciting, and there are a few things to know before you bring your new arrival home to his or her room:


Safety is your number-one concern, and it’s ours, too. Look for mattresses that carry the Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association (JPMA) seal, which signals the highest level of established product testing and adherence to standards set by the federal and state governments. Art Van only sells cribs that have this certification.


Test your crib for stability. When assembled, the crib should not wobble. Give it a good shake; if it seems unstable, it could be a sign that it was put together improperly.

Measure to make sure there is a safe distance between slats. To prevent injury to your baby, make sure the distance between the crib slats isn’t larger than 2 3/8 inches, about the size of a can of soda.


Crib mattress heights are adjustable for a good reason. Most cribs allow you to adjust the height of the mattress, which helps keep older babies and toddlers from climbing or falling out of the crib.

See the entire (and adorable) Art Van Baby Collection by clicking here, and then head to our showroom. We look forward to helping you welcome your new arrival in style.

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