Modern Farmhouse Accessories

Modern Farmhouse Style is a super hot look, but you don’t have to redecorate your entire room to bring this aesthetic home. Adding accessories is an easy way to be on trend without spending a lot.

Here are five Modern Farmhouse accessories that will look perfect in your home:

Modern Farmhouse Chalkboard

1. Chalkboard

Chalkboards are not only a great way to spread messages to your family; they’re an accessory that you can change with a quick swipe of an eraser. Paint a wall with chalkboard paint, or bring home a charming version like this one to hang on your wall.

2. White Dishes

Modern Farmhouse style puts dishes and utensils on display. Nothing is more classic or beautiful than white dinnerware. Stack dishes and bowls on open shelves. Keep your table set, and use plate hangers to display pieces on the wall.

Modern Farmhouse Cart

3. Baskets

In your family room, store things like blankets, magazines and remote controls in baskets that sit on the floor next to a sofa or end table. In the kitchen, use baskets as attractive food storage options, placed in open shelving or on countertops.

4. Natural Textiles

Look for pillows, dishcloths, table runners and rugs in natural textiles, such as burlap, linen and cotton. The humble textures add the feeling of warmth to your room.

Farm Art

5. Farm Art 

Modern Farmhouse style takes literal cues from nature, with artwork that features animals and bucolic landscapes. Look for a modern take on cows, chickens and pigs on painted canvas or tin. Or choose pictures of fields and hills to create your own special view.

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