Five Pieces of Furniture That Will Grow With You

From first apartments to starter homes and family dwellings, the average American moves 12 times, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means furniture needs to complete 12 different floor plans. Some furnishings will need to be replaced, but there are several pieces that can move and grow along with you, fitting a variety of purposes.

Here are five foundational items that are versatile in scale, classic in design and timeless.

Chapel Lounge Chairs

A pair of chairs. From your living room to your foyer and master suite, it’s easy to find a home for a pair of stylish chairs. Choose a design with a classic shape, such as these Mid-Century Modern chairs. A matching set makes your room feel sleek and polished.

Sorano Settee

A love seat or settee. Love seats and settees are highly versatile, providing a cozy place to sit at the foot of your bed, in your living room, or in a quaint kitchen nook. Choose a neutral color and shapely design to bring a classic sense of drama to your décor.

Maze Rug

A patterned rug. Rugs are like artwork for your floor, anchoring a room and setting the tone. You can use a rug in a living room, foyer, dining room or bedroom. Choose a timeless pattern instead of something trendy, so it grows with you.

Danielle Chest

A chest of drawers. A small dresser is a great addition to a guest room or child’s bedroom, but it can be useful in virtually any room of your home. Use one as a bedside table, a tabletop in a foyer, or as a dining room buffet. Choosing a classic but unusual color gives it personality as well as purpose.

Burst Mirror

A statement mirror. Mirrors are the perfect piece of art for your room. Not only are they beautiful; they add a reflective quality to your space. Use a striking mirror in your foyer, bedroom, living room or entry. They look great in every room in your home.

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