Caring for Your Patio Umbrella

Whether it’s direct sunlight that might damage your skin or an unexpected shower that disrupts your afternoon lunch, a patio umbrella protects you from the elements. When’s the last time you showed yours a little TLC? Here are four things to do to keep it in good working order:

  1. Always close and secure it when not in use. Using a cover will extend its life and reduce the need for cleaning.
  2. If severe weather is in the forecast, consider removing it from the base to protect it and the items it surrounds from strong winds that could knock it over and cause damage.
  3. Clean the frame and base with water and a soft cloth. Use mild soap as needed, but be sure to rinse it thoroughly.
  4. Remove dirt from the canopy using a brush with soft bristles. Then rinse with water. If detergent is needed, follow the manufacturer directions, rinsing thoroughly and allowing to air dry. Some models have detachable canopies; if yours does, you may choose to detach and clean it flat.

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