Five Easily Overlooked Dorm Room Necessities

If college is in the forecast this fall, you probably have a list of items to pack. Binders, books and bedding are probably on that list, but what about those things that can make a dorm room feel like home? If it’s your first year, here’s a list of five items you might overlook. The best part is that they all ship for free, right to your dorm. 

Dorm Futon A Futon

Many of today’s dorm rooms include an area for studying – except that most students create a hangout space, instead, moving their desks into their sleep space. A futon provides a great place to relax after class, and it can accommodate a friend who crashes for the night or a sibling who comes for a visit. Futons are also super portable, making move-in convenient. Art Van Furniture has several styles and colors – including a zebra print that would make your dorm room totally fab!

Dorm TV Stand

A TV Stand

After a serious study session, take time to relax and unwind. Video games and Netflix can provide some much needed mental relief. You’ll want a stable spot to store your television, as well as room to keep components together. A TV stand will make sure everything stays safe and organized.

Dorm Bookshelf

A Bookshelf

Dorm rooms offer little in the terms of storage. In most you get a desk with a few small drawers, a dresser to share with your roommate and a closet with a single rod. You’ll need storage for books, food, cleaning items, and clothing that won’t fit in your dresser or closet. A freestanding bookshelf can be a great option. Some versions even have doors you can close to keep the room looking clutter free.

Dorm Lamp

A Lamp

The overhead lighting in a dorm room will provide enough illumination to navigate the room, but when it comes to studying you’ll want to get task lights. A desk lamp will make studying or laptop work easier, reducing eyestrain. And if you read in bed, bring a floor lamp you can position next to your bed.

Dorm Rug

A Rug

Two words: tile floors. Waking up for that 8 a.m. class is difficult enough, but if your feet have to hit the cold floor, it will be even more uncomfortable. Be sure to bring a rug to make your dorm room warmer and feel more like home. It’s smart to choose a bright color or fun pattern, so you don’t have to worry about friends spilling.

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