Five Small Transitions into Back-to-School Season

Along with folders, pencils and a healthy lunch, your child might be bringing a case of nerves to the first day of classes. Here are five ways to help your child transition into a successful school year:


1. Sleep routines. Prepare for an earlier rising time by adjusting your bedtime and wakeup time two to three weeks in advance. Go to bed and get up 15 minutes earlier for a week, and keep adjusting the time until your child gets used to the new routine.


2. Homework. Create a plan, identifying specific homework and study times. Also, help your child organize his or her schoolwork by getting the right tools.


3. Activities. Assess the amount of time your child participates extra-curriculars, and be realistic about what they can and cannot handle. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to something that will bring stress home.


4. Chores. Consider if your child will have time to complete chores during school, and adjust their responsibilities at home as needed.


5. Calendar. Finally, document all of the decisions you make in a family command center, where schedules and routines are posted for everyone to see on a big calendar or bulletin board.

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