Bringing Your Summer Favorites Inside for Fall

One of the things we love about Joanna Gaines’ designs on Fixer Upper is that she repurposes things from around a home as whimsical and inspiring décor. Since fall is almost upon us and we’re bringing some of our outdoor necessaries indoors to rest, here are some ideas from Pinterest on how to show them off instead of storing them away.


Photo credit Pinterest/Home BNC

Imagine repurposing your watering can as a fun nightlight in your child’s bedroom. Hang from a hook on the wall, and position over a cute potted plant of faux flowers or wheat grass.


Photo credit: Pinterest/Viral Nova

If your rake has seen better days, remove the head and turn it into a fun wine glass holder. Tie a decorative ribbon or piece of twine around the top for an added touch of color or texture.


Photo credit: Pinterest/Daily Living Brief

That rake could also be used as a utensil holder, hung over your stove or beneath a cabinet. It’s the perfect accessory for a farmhouse kitchen.


Photo credit: Pinterest/Martha Stewart

Use those tomato cages to hold potted plants. It not only gets them off the floor, it gives you a chance to play with add levels and layers to your room.


Photo credit: Pinterest/Joann Fabric and Craft Store

If your garden gloves are patterned or colorful, hang them from a ribbon and fill with faux flowers. This could be a cute pick-me-up for a powder room or mudroom.

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