How to Decorate with Acrylic Furniture

A major trend in home décor is acrylic furniture. Often referred to as Lucite, the name of a popular brand, the transparent material is chic yet playful, bringing a sense of sophistication and surprise to your room. Stronger than glass at less than half the weight, the material was introduced in 1933 by the Rohm and Haas Company.

From a design standpoint, acrylic furniture works well with any décor, from contemporary to traditional. And because it’s clear, it adds a sense of spaciousness to a room, allowing the eye to see right through it.

Try These Ideas

Start small with acrylic furniture by choosing a piece that has acrylic legs. For example, this stylish bench is quite chic with its silver faux croc cushion, nailhead trim and acrylic legs.


Be a little bolder with a statement piece, such as the Sophie Accent Chair. The white sheepskin upholstery is dramatic, while the acrylic legs add glamour.


More acrylic on the piece kicks the trend up a notch. The Envy Bonded Leather Bench exudes modern design, with bold acrylic legs that make the rich brown seat seem to float.


Or go all in with a set of Specter Acrylic Chairs that make a small dining room feel larger than life.


Caring for Acrylic

It’s important to properly care for your acrylic furniture. Traditional glass cleaner contains chemicals that can cause the finish to cloud over time. Instead, use water or a special acrylic cleaner and a soft cloth. Light scratches can be removed by using an acrylic polishing cloth, while deep scratches can be buffed out by a professional.

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