How to Create a Reading Nook

Fostering a love of reading in your child can open them up to new worlds right within the walls of their bedroom. From lessons in history to explorations in science, books educate, inspire and entertain. You can encourage your child to pick up the habit by designing a reading nook in his or her bedroom. Here’s what you need:

A Place to Sit

For your child, the bed makes a great place to unwind and read, but you can also add a chair, beanbag or floor pillow and rug. The idea is to make it inviting. It helps if the seating is scaled for your child, so they can be comfortable as they curl up with a book.

Good Lighting

Insufficient lighting leads to eyestrain and headaches, and that can discourage your child’s reading habit. Overhead lighting isn’t enough. Add illumination to your reading nook by using a table lamp on the nightstand or a floor lamp next to a chair or pillow. It helps to choose a fixture that allows your child to direct the light onto the book’s pages.

Book Storage

Make reading handy by using a basket or bin to hold a variety of books. This can be placed next to your child’s reading nook. You can also add a bookshelf to your child’s bedroom to hold and organize his or her library. The more chances they run across a book in their room, the more chances they’ll pick one up and start reading.

A Table Surface

Nothing goes with a good book quite as well as a nice beverage. Make sure you have a space for your child to set a drink or snack. This could be a nightstand, small end table or tray.

An Ottoman

Help your child settle into a good reading session by giving them a place to prop up their feet. If your child sits in a chair, add an ottoman. If they’re in bed, they’re all set. Or if you have space on the floor, make sure you’ve included enough pillows to provide support wherever they need it.

A cozy reading nook will provide your child with a special spot to indulge their imagination and know how. It just might become their favorite spot in the house.


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