The Heart of Your Kitchen: Choosing the Right Table For Your Family

The kitchen table is the heart of your kitchen. It brings together family and friends, and it’s where you share meals, conversation, memories and traditions. Choosing the right table is important. You want one that is big enough to accommodate your crew so mealtime is relaxed and comfortable, but you also want to invest in an option that’s stylish and enhances your décor.

Here are four things to consider when shopping for the right kitchen table:


The size of your family: How many people regularly gather for breakfast, lunch and dinner will have the greatest impact your table choice. Furniture manufacturers will often offer a recommended number of people that comfortably use a table, and a good rule of thumb is to allow each person two feet of eating space. Here’s a great list of options from Houzz:

Family of four

  • 3′ round table with a pedestal base
  • 4′ or 5’ round table with legs
  • 4′ long rectangular table

Family of five or six

  • 5′ round table with a pedestal base
  • 5’ or 6′ long rectangular table

Family of seven or more

  • 6′ or 7’ round table with a pedestal base or legs
  • 7′ round table with legs
  • 7′ to 11’ long rectangular table


The size of your room: Your room size will also help you determine the size of the table. You’ll want to provide enough space around the table for people to move in and out. A good rule of thumb is to give diners 42” to 48″ between the table and walls. If your room is small, you might consider a round table, which will fit in tight spaces, and pedestal versions offer more legroom. Or choose a bench instead of chairs, so you can maximize the space by pushing it beneath the table when it’s not in use.




The shape of the table: Round, rectangle, square and more, there are many shapes of dining tables. Choose the right one by matching it to the shape of your room. If your eating area is long and narrow in shape, a rectangular or oval table might be the best choice. It will fill the space, and it’s a great choice for larger families. If your eating area is small or square in space, you might want to choose a round or square table, which will leave more floor space and will look proportionate.


The future: You might be a family of two or three right now, but consider future scenarios. Are you planning to add on to your family? Do you entertain frequently? A good rule of thumb is to count the number of people who eat at the house regularly and add room for two more. If you choose the right table, you can easily slide in two extra chairs whenever needed. But don’t overcrowd your room with future guests in mind. If your eating area won’t accommodate the extra seating, you’re better off setting up an additional table in another room on special occasions.


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