Magnolia Makeover: The Holmes Home

In Episode 9 of Fixer Upper—the Holmes Home—Joanna and Chip tackled a new challenge: a tiny house! At just 750 square feet, every design choice mattered. In her blog, Joanna shares that she loved finding new and creative ways to keep the space organized and functional. Her favorite space was the living area. Here are three tips you can borrow to get this look in your home:

Get Creative. The challenge in this home is being tight on space. The homeowner, Jake, wanted a ceiling fan, but that wasn’t possible. Instead, Joanna and Chip chose to install an oscillating fan on the wall. “I love that it’s different, a little masculine, and nostalgic. It’s perfect for this tiny house!” Joanna writes in her blog.

Think Function: Since the home is a bachelor pad out in the country, Joanna wanted to keep the design low maintenance. While wood floors were the right aesthetic, they do require some upkeep, so Joanna and Chip chose tile floors that look just like wood. “I definitely suggest using them if you want to achieve the same look as wood but you have pets, small kids, or if it’s in a high traffic area then they’re easy to clean and very durable,” Joanna writes.

Take Advantage of the Scenery. This house is located on a beautiful piece of land in the country. To capitalize on the scenery, Chip installed picture windows and French doors. “Not only do the windows serve as all the wall art Jake will ever need, but they make the space feel bigger. In a tight space, something as simple as a set of French doors with large windows can make a space feel larger and more open,” Joanna writes.

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