How to Design Your She Shed

Whether it’s for reading, writing, sewing, surfing or just chatting on the phone, women crave a place to call their own. A kid-free zone. While a Man Cave can be easily assembled with a flat screen TV and a row of recliners, creating a She Shed or Mom Cave is a more personalized experience.

The first step is to grab an extra room, hidden corner or spare closet. Size doesn’t matter; this space is about cozy pampering. Everything you put in the space should be something you love. That starts with the wall color. From poppy to plum, tangerine to teal, the paint you choose for the walls should speak to you … and not to your resale value.

What you choose for furnishings will depend on how you wish to use the space. Here are some pieces to consider:

A Desk

Don’t worry; your She Shed is a place to relax, but adding a desk can provide a space to surf, dream and design. Choose a sleek shape with beautiful details, such as the Cersei Desk, which features decorative nailhead trim. Then add an upholstered chair and a beautiful lamp to complete the look. A desk can double as a vanity by simply adding a mirror above.

A Reading Chair

You’ll need a place to sit. Dad has his recliner, but mom has a “refiner.” No one will suspect that hiding inside this gorgeous wing back chair is a recliner. The Hearth Press Back Recliner features a beautifully patterned neutral fabric that would coordinate with any style. Simply press back and grab your favorite magazine or novel.


You may not wish to invite anyone else in to your space, but if you do, the Beatrix Settee with soft dove finish is gorgeous. With a small scale, it can fit in tight spaces. It also works for mommy’s naptime. Shhh…we won’t tell!

A Rug

Your Mom Cave is the place to kick off your shoes and a nice rug underfoot is a must have. Our Carter Shag Rug will make your feet happy with its plush texture and luxurious ivory color. Remember, this is a kid-free zone, so light colors don’t need to be scary!

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