Furniture That Cuts Clutter

Getting organized is on everyone’s New Year’s to-do list. From new holiday gifts to a hearty wardrobe for cold weather, it’s time to find a good home for storing your belongings. Instead of buying more plastic bins, why not select furniture that helps you clear the clutter? You won’t have to hide things in a closet when you can find solutions that let you keep your stuff right where you need it.


Storage Beds

Several of today’s beds have built-in storage, such as our Lincoln Park Bed. Ample drawer space in the base can be used to store your extra set of sheets and spare blankets. Or use it to store out of season clothing, and you won’t have to find room in a closet or basement. In a rich espresso finish, the bed is stylish, as well, available in Queen and King Sizes.


Storage Benches

It’s nice to have a place to sit when getting dressed in the morning, and a bench comes in handy when you’re changing your clothes at night. Our Carmen Storage Bench puts everything at your fingertips. Lift the hinged lid and use it to store your shoes. If it’s at the foot of your bed, it’s the perfect place for extra blankets, and the grey microfiber upholstery looks great with any style décor.


Shelving Units

Storage shelves can be beautiful, like our Starmore Box Shelf Console. The angled lines turn your books into a beautiful display, and the piece can double as a room divider. You can also use it to hold soft accents or treasures.


Storage Dining Tables

Holiday linens are festive and fun, but where do you stash them the other 360+ days of the year? The Morgan Gathering Table has drawers and cubbies in the base of that can store or display your items.

Storage Accent Tables

Finally, curling up on the sofa to watch television during winter usually means having a blanket around you. Keep enough for everyone with a cocktail table that includes lots of storage. Our Cottage Driftwood Coffee Table includes two decorative wicker baskets to store blankets, magazines and more.

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