How to Choose The Right Shade Of Red

One of the hot colors in home design for 2018 is red. Using it, however, can be a little tricky. A little can go a long way, and less is definitely more. The most important thing to do is find the right shade. The design experts at HGTV say your style will dictate the correct one.


Contemporary. If your style is contemporary, use neutral basics with pops of red. Paint the door a bold, bright red. Then inside use accessories such as an accent chair, pillows, rugs or throws in red.

Modern Rug

Modern. If your style is modern, your home will probably be designed around several primary colors. The best red for this décor is one that has burgundy or brown undertones. Make a statement on your front door with any shade of red then infuse the color in your interiors through a painting, graphic rug or work of art.

Rustic Red

Rustic. Rustic design loves red, especially shades found in the country. Paint your front door barn red then accessorize your interior with brick, apple or poppy shades.


Traditional. If your home is traditional, stay away from primary reds and move to burgundy tones. Paint your door a deep, rich red. Then use darker reds inside in traditional pieces such as Oriental rugs.

Which red are you?

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