Finding the Perfect Outdoor Sectional

Making summer memories is easy when you cozy up in an outdoor sectional. Perfect for the patio or deck, a sectional offers plenty of room to stretch out and relax or entertain a group of friends. A sectional offers a sleek, streamlined look to your seating group, giving your space an effortless, casual feel. And sectionals are an important trend for summer decor.

Before you shop, measure your space to see what size you can accommodate. Here are three types of outdoor sectionals and the kinds of spaces they best accommodate:


A Classic L-Shaped Sectional

Much like a sofa and loveseat, the classic L-shaped sectional seats three, four or five comfortably, depending on its size. Simple and sleek, it works well on any size patio or deck and provides a great spot for having conversations. The Lennox L-Shaped Sectional can also be used with a table to double as a dining space.


A Curved Sectional

A modern and hip option is the curved sectional, which is a great choice for a large patio. With no corners, this sectional can seat more people. And it gives everyone a great view of the focal point, such as your back yard or a fire pit. The Soho III Curved Sectional also makes a statement with its vibrant blue cushions.


A U-Shaped Sectional

Finally, a U-shaped sectional, like the Stannis Sectional, creates a cozy, intimate space that draws everyone into the conversation. It requires the most amount of room and is best for large patios. Use an ottoman as a cocktail table, which can double as more seating if your party grows.

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