1 Sofa + 4 Works of Art = 4 Distinct Looks

A basic grey leather sofa offers an endless amount of design opportunities, and choosing artwork can change everything. From casual to urban, art creates a distinct look and atmosphere. The best part is that changing it allows you to change your style in an instant. Here are four distinct looks that come from using the same sofa and four different pieces of art.


Cool colors of blue, taupe and ivory and a chic landscape scene set a casual tone in a living room. Add ivory toss pillows and a taupe rug to complete the look.


Choosing artwork of a cityscape will bring the feeling of downtown to your living room, perfectly complementing the grey leather sofa. Complete the urban look with a reclaimed wooden cocktail table that features industrial hardware.


A graphic abstract work of art gives a grey leather sofa a contemporary edge. In striking black and gold, this combination feels sophisticated. Finish the setting by using a glass cocktail table and a white flokati rug.


A grey leather sofa can look quite stately when it’s paired with a floral painting. Add a traditional coffee table with ornate legs and a vase of fresh flowers for a look that’s rich and elegant.

Choosing artwork is fun. Which combination is your favorite?

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