Celebrating Americana in Home Décor

Americana design celebrates our heritage by reflecting the lifestyle and values of the American family. It’s homegrown, casual and kid- and pet-friendly. It’s farmhouse, industrial, rustic, nautical and primitive. Sometimes it’s a combination of all five. The best part is that it’s versatile, classic and stylishly understated because it’s approachable.

Celebrate your patriotism by bringing home Americana style. Here are five characteristics to look for:

Americana decor
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1. Modern Farmhouse

First up is Modern Farmhouse, a design that is quite popular today thanks to Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper. The “modern” slant includes sophisticated details and chic accents. Kitschy pieces, like roosters, are replaced with sleek accessories, like white pitchers and window frames. And shiplap is a staple.

Americana decor
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2. Industrial

Next, is Industrial. This home design look gets a nod from America’s work ethic because it uses raw materials that include iron, steel and reclaimed wood. The look celebrates the industrial revolution, giving rooms lots of character and texture as well as a sense of history.

Americana decor
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3. Rustic

Another design is Rustic, which gets a fresh twist with weathered wood and metal details. The look is inspired by nature because it uses materials in the great outdoors. Rooms also feature comfortable furnishings and minimal fuss. Rustic Americana meshes the indoors with the outdoors, inviting you to kick back and relax.

Americana decor
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4. Nautical

Celebrate a spirit of American adventure with nautical-inspired décor. Crisp white and royal blue set the tone, while accents include everything from the sea, such as decorative oars, lighthouses and shells.

Americana Decor
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Finally, Primitive Americana features handcrafted objects, such as Shaker-style furniture, pottery, and woven rugs. The design looks cozy and well-loved, with distressed finishes and crafted designs.

Which Americana design is your favorite? The great news is that they work well together, and you can love and use them all!

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