Forget Prime Day – Get Real Deals During PrimeTime Days

Attention savvy shoppers! You may have heard about that other “Prime” sale. It only lasts one day. You pay $100+ to be a “member.” And if you’re not a member, you don’t get the deals. And don’t forget the FUN part – you hang out on your phone ALL DAY LONG trying to catch that next deal. No. Thanks. 

Shop the Art Van PrimeTime Days instead! Here’s how to get the best deals we’ve got:

Don’t pay a membership fee.

We’re not about charging you money to get good deals or 0% financing or even free shipping. We want EVERYONE to save. A lot. So start by NOT paying us $100+.

Don’t pay for FREE shipping. lets you order thousands of items with FREE shipping, all day, every day – no membership fee required. All you have to do is search “free shipping” at and you’ll find sooo many great home furnishings and accessories. Or just go here and get your shop on: FREE Shipping at

Check daily. Seriously, check every day. It’ll be worth it. 

Every day during the PrimeTime Sale, we’ll be giving you new deals – in-store and at So many deals! Come back to every day between Monday, July 16 at midnight and Wednesday, July 18 at midnight to see what we’ve added to the HUGE selection of steals.

Don’t sleep on this. Get some seriously good sleep.

Everybody benefits from a great night’s sleep, so we’re throwing in FREE DELIVERY on any PureSleep mattress – whichever one YOU choose. PLUS, we’ll make it easy to get the mattress of your dreams by giving you 0% APR for 72 months on all mattresses over $2499. You’ll sleep even better with those savings!

Check the Outlet. Then check it again.

You know we’re crazy excited about PrimeTime Days  when we’re giving EXTRA 15% discounts on Outlet finds that are already marked down 20%-50%. We NEVER do that! Take advantage of the Super Value and Hot Deals that will change every day during our PrimeTime Days by checking in often at The Outlet at

Shop at the store or from your sofa. 

Art Van PrimeTime Days are happening on-line and in-store, so if you want to walk through one of our beautiful showrooms and get inspired, we’ve got deals for you. If shopping from the sofa feels better to you, head on over to and browse through thousands of items in every style imaginable.


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