Stripes are Stars of Home Style

Paisley, chevron, honeycomb and floral … patterns may come in and out of style, but stripes last forever. Classic and crisp, stripes transcend any style and look at home in traditional, casual, rustic or contemporary décor. Uniform and symmetrical, using stripes in decor brings a look of order to any space.

Has your room earned its stripes? Here’s what they can do for you:

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Stripes dress up a room

Striped upholstery is like a pinstriped power suit; it makes a great first impression and is always in style. Our Ralph Dining Chair fits the bill with its business-class style and chic metal ring detail.

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Stripes play well with others

Stripes in decor mix effortlessly with patterns such as floral, plaid and check. Our Stripe Duvet is perfectly paired with a floral quilt or sheets, balancing a room with a masculine touch.

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Stripes can be elegant

When used tone on tone, stripes make a room feel more formal. Our Pearl White Chair with whitewashed wood trim dresses up living room seating or creates an elegant dining area. You can also paint the walls with tone-on-tone stripes, mixing flat with gloss or eggshell finishes to create a subtle texture.

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Stripes command attention

When used in contrasting colors or unexpected places, stripes in decor grab the spotlight. Take a look at our Envy Bench—its style is hard to ignore! The sleek design combined with bold black and white stripes make a statement in your room, marrying function with fashion.

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And stripes tease the eye

When used on walls, stripes can reshape a room. Painted vertically, wide stripes add depth and dimension, while thin stripes create interest. Applied horizontally, stripes make a small room seem larger. On the floor, they can have the same affect, making a small room feel larger, such as this Multi Stripe Grey Rug.

So how will you use stripes in your home?

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