We’ve Got the Look: The Crown Style

We love the Netflix series The Crown. It gives us a weekly fix of royals, and some great design inspiration, as well. The Los Angeles Times interviewed the production designer Martin Childs, who shared that the production was shot over eight months on 398 sets. This explains why the series is so popular with design fans. Here are some of the insider tips on The Crown style that might help you as you design your own palace.

The Crown Style
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Viewers often inquire about where they could find an item, and recently Childs was asked where to find a light box like Tony Armstrong-Jones has in his studio. “The more mundane the request, the more I feel people are noticing the detail and that’s pretty gratifying,” he said.

The Crown Style
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From floral slipcovered sofas to draperies and large floral sprays, the set is literally in bloom. “The palace floristry team is at work constantly and we have a one-woman equivalent in the form of the wonderful Helen Byrne,” Childs said.

The Crown Style chair
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The interiors reflect the difference between royals and non-royals, and in season one, Childs focused on showing postwar austerity. “For Season two, it’s the dawn of the more permissive ’60s. London doesn’t suddenly go all Austin Powers and Carnaby Street. The luxury of long-form TV is that you can introduce these things subtly, by stealth, leaving some of the world as it was in order to notice what it’s becoming,” he said.

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