Create a Bucket List of Fall Family Activities

Summer might be the season for vacations, but fall is the time for day trips, outings and weekend fun. The weather is just right, and the scenery is changing every day. Before the hats and boots come out of the closet, put these 10 items on your must-do bucket list of fall family activities.

1. Go apple picking

Here’s a list of orchards to help you find one close to you. Then get the family together and make apple pie, applesauce or apple cobbler.

2. Learn to knit

You’re going to need a scarf soon. Why not make one? Check out this beginner’s tutorial on YouTube.

3. Jump in the leaves

Raking doesn’t have to be a chore if you’ve got a fun goal. Get the kids some rakes and see how high you can get your pile.

4. Go on a color hunt

Challenge yourself and your child to find leaves in all of their transformative colors. Walk around your neighborhood or take a trip to a local hiking trail.

5. Make a Halloween costume

Be creative and assemble a costume from what you have on hand. Or check out these no-sew versions from Martha Stewart.

6. Play touch football

One of the fall family activities that provides exercise is touch football. It’s the perfect thing to do on a crisp afternoon, especially after you watch the Detroit Lions or Chicago Bears. Gather friends and neighbors and play ball.

7. Go on a hayride

Nothing says fall activities better than a hayride. Here is a list of hayrides in Michigan. Or find one near you by searching “[city name] hayrides.”

8. Run or walk in a 5K

Fall weather is perfect for outdoor exercise. Find a race near you with this link. Many also have one-mile run runs that are perfect for young kids.

9. Visit a cider mill

Who doesn’t love cider and donuts? Here’s a list of popular locations.

10. Go to a haunted house

Older kids and adults might love a good scare. If you’re brave—here’s is a list with hours and ticket prices.

Have fun and be sure to let us know how many of these fall family activities you do.

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