Five Creative Ways to Use a Bookcase

Sure, a bookcase is meant to hold books, but it can also be one of the most multi-functional pieces of furniture you own. If you think outside the box – or the shelf, in this case – you’ll discover that a bookcase can be utilized in every room of your house. Take a look at these five creative ways to use a bookcase.

ways to use a bookcase
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1. Mudroom Organizer

The entry way to your home tends to collect clutter. You’re removing your boots or shoes. You’re bringing in shopping bags. And your kids are unloading backpacks. Use a bookshelf, like our Natal III White Bookcase, to organize all of these items in style. With or without baskets, you can store footwear, hats, gloves, reusable shopping bags, the dog’s leash and keys in an easy-to-find location. Your kids can also use the cubbies to hold their schoolwork and supplies.

ways to use a bookcase
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2. Media Console

With flat-screen televisions, the depth of your media console is no longer an issue. Why not use a shorter bookcase, such as our Austin Barnwood Bookcase, to store DVDs and media equipment on the open shelves? Place two or three together to create a sleek entertainment center. The streamlined look is easy to customize.


ways to use a bookcase
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3. Faux Wall

If you want to separate zones or divide an oversized, open space, a bookcase quickly creates the illusion of a wall. Use an open shelf, like our Park View Room Divider, to define areas while keeping things airy. Or place two bookcases back to back with the sides placed against a wall, creating a cozy library or reading nook.

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4. Nightstand

Bedside tables often hold your alarm clock, lamp, book and beverage. If you think about it, the best way to store these items would be one of the ways to use a bookcase. Our 35” Valenca Bookcase, will be just the right height to hold things at an easy-to-grab level. It also offers a bit more storage for magazines, tissues and other items that come in handy when you’re ready for bed.


ways to use a bookcase
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5. Headboard

Instead of using a bookcase as a nightstand, use a taller version, such as our 72-inch Bookcase, and create a headboard. King- and queen-sized beds might require two placed next to each other. Use the eye-level shelves to hold your clock and reading materials. Then style the higher shelves to create an attractive display with favorite photos and accessories. You can even use wallpaper or paint on the backs of the shelves for extra interest. And if your mattress is on wheels, store extra linens on the lower shelves behind the bed.

Now that you have five ways to use a bookcase, which one will you add to your home next?

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