How to Decorate Like a Designer Outdoors

Ever wonder how designers achieve picture-perfect looks in their rooms that are featured in magazines? The answer is all in the layers. Layering adds depth, texture and interest to a space. It proves several places for the eye to stop as you take in the view. And it makes every nook and cranny someplace special. You can turn your patio setting into a stunning feast for the senses by using design layers. Take a look at the details to learn how to decorate like a designer:

how to decorate like a designer
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Toss Pillows

Adding toss pillows to your outdoor sofa is an opportunity to layer colors. This setting features solids mixed with patterns. Since it’s the largest furnishing in the space, the addition of pillows seems to soften and break up the length of the piece, providing visual dimension for a cozier feel.


Outdoor rugs give your patio or deck the feeling of a room, and layering two rugs draws the eye inward even more. Choose a pattern and a solid so each stands out. And the zebra print’s organic shape gives the space character.

Table Runners

A cocktail table offers space to display favorite accessories, and using a table runner helps tie everything together. Fabric also softens wood or aluminum surfaces, and a smart choice of color can complement your accents.


Most people accessorize tables, but designers take it a step further and accessorize areas around the furniture. A hurricane lamp, for example, connects the chair to the rug by playing with height. And a ceramic rabbit makes a basket of throw blankets look like a part of the décor.

How to decorate like a designer involves using layers. How many layers do you have in your patio?

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