How to Transition Your Home into Fall

The air is getting crisp at night, and the cider mills are fragrant with spice and doughnuts. While the calendar says summer, the weather feels more like fall, and that means it’s time to generate warmth inside your home. One of the best ways to transition your home to fall is by adding layers to each room in your home. Here are some tips for feathering your nest:

Transition your home to fall
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Kitchen and Dining Room

Add warmth to your table by using placemats and table runners. Use centerpieces in the deep colors of nature, by bringing in flowers and leaves from your back yard. Add accents to the room, such as baskets, pottery and bowls of fruit. Dress up your table with a new statement chandelier, such as this Candle Chandelier. Give the area a more intimate and cozy feel by hanging lighting lower; a good rule of thumb is that the bottom of the fixture should hang 30” to 36” from the tabletop.

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Wood furniture visually warms up a room with the energy of its grain. If you’re in the market for a new kitchen set or dining room suit, consider cherry, pine or oak. Our Brownstone Dining Collection would be the perfect setting for Thanksgiving Dinner. The bench is inviting and the wood tone feels welcoming.

transition your home to fall
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Living Room and Family Room

Add throw pillows covered in textured fabrics such as tweed or faux fur to sofas and chairs to transition your home to fall. Drape blankets and throws over chair backs or on sofa arms. Functional, they make the room appear visually warmer, as well. Layer the room with plush rugs underfoot, choosing rich colors to both ground and insulate. Our Carter Shag Rug is a great choice.

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When adding new furnishings, choose those covered in soft fabrics. Warm and welcoming in trendy neutrals, our Sidney Road Truffle Collection is a great choice for fall entertaining. Or choose leather, which adds visual warmth to a room and variety to the texture mix. Wooden coffee and end tables also add warmth. Layer them with lamps, pottery accents and trays to hold candles or mugs.

Transition your home to fall
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Dress your room for the season by adding drapes over existing shades or blinds. Cover the floor or carpet with an area rug to provide a warm entrance into your day. And always add a blanket to the bed; consider faux fur that will add visual and physical warmth, taking the chill out of the air.

Throw a tablecloth on the nightstand and use a dimmer on bedside lamps to create an intimate and cozy setting. Add more texture to the room with an upholstered headboard, such as the Emma Upholstered Headboard. Choose a plush fabric like velvet, microsuede or leather, coordinated with throw pillows.

The goal when you transition your home to fall is to create a warm and inviting atmosphere … for guests, but especially for you and your family.

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