The Art of Late Summer Evening Entertaining

Backyard entertaining during a summer afternoon is a breeze. Mix good food with fun activities, and you can watch your guests have a great time. When you’re entertaining outdoors at night, however, there are a few extras you should make sure to have:

Outdoor entertaining at night
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A Comfortable Seating Arrangement

Since your guests most likely won’t mingle around the yard in the dark, comfortable seating is most important. Consider deep cushion chairs, sofa and sectionals, which will allow your friends to settle in for intriguing conversation. Also consider ottomans that invite people to put up their feet and can serve as extra seating if your crowd grows.

Blankets and Throws

Anticipate your guests’ needs when you’re entertaining outdoors at night by placing blankets and throws outside near your seating. If the air becomes brisk, they can easily wrap themselves in warmth without interrupting the flow of the party.

Entertaining outdoors at night
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Summer nights in the Midwest often see dropping temperatures, and the perfect solution is adding a fire pit to your patio design. Not only will this feature add ambiance and lighting, it will put out some warmth to take the chill out of the air. Choose stand-alone fire pits that radiate heat in chosen spots. Or select a fire pit table, where guests can gather to enjoy conversation – and perhaps s’mores.


Entertaining outdoors at night
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Lanterns and Lights

You’ll want to have ambient lighting during your nighttime gathering, and candles will do the trick. Their glow will create a wonderful sense of intimacy. Use lanterns so that a soft breeze won’t disrupt the flame. You can also fish out the old Christmas lights and string them in the trees or the spokes of patio umbrellas. Or hang them across your patio. Lighted fountains also add an accent glow, and they provide a soothing sound of running water. The more layers of light you have, the more enchanting your back yard will feel.


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