Four Ways to Use Pouf Ottomans in Your Home

Pouf ottomans—they’re fun to say and fun to use! These portable, soft accent pieces can serve a variety of purposes, and they work well in any room of your home. Pouf ottomans introduce color and style to your space. Here are four ways a pouf ottoman can make a statement in your room:

pouf ottomans
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As a Bench

Add two pouf ottomans to the foot of your bed and you have the look of a bench. The great thing about pouf ottomans is that you can separate them and use them as seating or as a footrest while you relax in your accent chair.

As a Stool

Use a pouf ottoman with a desk or vanity. They’re the perfect solution for small spaces, as they easily tuck under the table surface, freeing up maximum floor area in the room.

pouf ottomans
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As a statement piece

Choose a pouf that’s covered in an interesting texture, such as Tibetan sheep fur. The luxurious piece will attract attention and warm up the room. Or bring home a pouf in a bold shade or pattern to add a pop of color and design to your space.

pouf ottomans
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As a Kid-Friendly Accent

Turn your child’s bedroom into a fun friend hangout by using one or more pouf ottomans in their décor. Since they can be easily moved around a room, they can turn into whatever your child can imagine—from mini stage to a chair to a nightstand or table.

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